Norwood Crossing

Norwood Crossing is a non-profit (501c3) senior living community located in Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood.
In 1896 a small group of Norwegian Americans, lead by Dr. Niles T. Quales, formed the Norwegian Old Peoples Home Society for the purpose of founding a retirement residence for elderly Norwegians They purchased a picturesque hotel on four acres in the newly annexed Norwood Park area of Chicago. The site, conveniently located across from the railroad station, was the perfect place to establish the Norwood Park Home.

Now named Norwood Crossing this award winning facility is open to all ethnic groups, and offers nostalgic comfort and charm to the Home's more than 200 residents. Norwood Crossing remains the focal point of a community that is graced with spacious homes, large lots and pride in its historical heritage.


Norwood Crossing
6016 N. Nina
Chicago, IL 60631

Michael Toohey
Norwood Crossing

The Norwegian National League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization .