Norge Ski Club

Norge Ski Club
100 Ski Hill Road
Fox River Grove, IL 60021
(847) 639-9718

Ski Jumping Tournament in Autumn - check their site for details.

Started in 1905 by a group of Norwegian men, we are the oldest, continuously open ski club in the United States. Most lived in Chicago and came out to Fox River Grove to ski jump. They created cottages on our club grounds to give them a place to stay while they were working on building up the club grounds or just having fun ski jumping. Over the years, men and women of all nationalities have joined the club to experience the thrills and enjoyment of ski jumping.



*Kids aging from 3 to 90 can learn to ski jump at the Norge Ski Club. There are training classes on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. The club may have a pair of skis ready for the kids to try it out.
*We have many jumps for the kids to get started and work their way through.
*They are: 2 metre, 5 metre, 10 metre, 22 metre, 40 metre, and 64 metre.
*The kids in our junior program compete at many tournaments throughout the year at Norge and other jumping clubs across the USA. (Mostly in the central division.)

For more information contact Guy Larson @ [email protected].

Norge Ski Club


Norge Ski Club
is a member organization of the Norwegian National League

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The Norwegian National League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization .