Parade - May 21, 2017 - Park Ridge, IL

Every year the Norwegian National League hosts a parade at Hodges Park in Park Ridge, Illinois, in celebration of Norway's Constitution Day in May. MAP

Pre-parade festivities in Hodges Park begin at 12:00 PM and include activities for children, vendors, and refreshments. Contact: Barbra Kronborg-Mogil 847-823-7596.

The parade is expensive and we appreciate all financial support we receive. Our costs average $6,000 - $8,000 to cover insurance for the day, facilities, city fees, parade groups, etc.

Funding is achieved through the sale of program book advertisements/greetings, sales at our table in Hodges Park during the parade, and private donations.  We hope you continue to support the parade and encourage you to donate which now can be done directly from our web site using Paypal and popular credit cards.  Any amount $10 and more will be appreciated.

The League also hosts a banquet in celebration of Norway's Constitution Day.

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