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                  statueLeif Erikson Day Celebration

Each October the League lays a wreath at the statue of Leif Erikson in Humboldt Park to commemorate the early Viking discovery of North America. MAP

October 9 is not associated with any particular event in Leif Erikson's life. The date was chosen because the ship Restauration coming from Stavanger, Norway, arrived in New York Harbor on October 9, 1825, at the start of the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States.  In 1964, the United States Congress authorized and requested the President to create the observance through an annual proclamation. Lyndon B. Johnson did so, as has each President since. Klikk på bildet for større bilde.

Sunday October 9, 2016

PLAN YOUR DAY - Lots going on!

Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church
Logan Square
2614 N. Kedzie Blvd,
Chicago, Illinois

*Free Events.  Bring the family!

*11:00 a.m. - Worship service for all every Sunday.

*12:00 Noon - Leif Erikson Meet and Greet / Open House.  Now do your own exploring!  Learn fun facts about Leif while enjoying refreshments and conversation before we all head over together to the Leif Erikson statue.

*1:15 sharp - 1:30 p.m - Wreath Laying.   Join us at the Leif Erikson monument for the traditional wreath-laying ceremony, skål,  (toast) and concluding remarks.
Humboldt Park
1440 N. Humboldt Drive
Chicago, Illinois
(west of N. Humboldt Dr., and north of the field house driveway within Humboldt Park).MAP

Join us for all or part of the festivities.  As on every Sunday, please come as you are, and come as you are able.

Co-sponsored by:  the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church on Logan Square in Chicago and the Norwegian National League of Chicago.

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